Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Un86'd Block Party Recap: Success!

Chicago Magazine came by this weekend's block party! Check out the full story (and maybe even find a new profile pic) right here.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Our 3rd Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest!

We’ve got a busy couple of week/ends ahead of us, folks! We spilled the beans on our Sunday, August 25th Block Party (co-hosted by Carriage House and UN86D). And now we’re here to remind you that all of your hot dog-consumption over the past year has not been in vain. You see, Chicago is home to Vienna Beef and is literally a style of hot dog, so we think it’s basically your civic duty to participate in our 3rd Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest on Monday, September 2 (that’s Labor Day).

Need some persuading? Check out these photos from last year’s contest, captured by Chicago Magazine. Need some tips from the pros? Check out the 2013 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, where winner Joey Chestnut managed to eat 69 hot dog + buns, becoming the first seven-time consecutive champion. 

And even though we might come off as a little fast and loose, we do have some rules for you to follow if you want to be the lucky winner of two Bears tickets (and the most deserved tummy ache this side of Lake Michigan):

  • Sign up at Bangers & Lace in person, up to 2 hours before event.
  • Contestant check in at 2pm. Contest begins at 3pm.
  • Contest will last five minutes. The winner will have consumed the most hot dogs within that time. Go ahead and chase those franks with a cold pilsner!
  • Each participant receives a Bangers & Lace tshirt.
  • Winner receives an awesome set of Chicago Bears tickets!

Monday, August 12, 2013

(Block) Party On!

Let’s talk about Block Parties. You could make awkward small talk with the folks who live on your street, or, you could have a blast with your fellow Bangers & Lace patrons at our very own Block Party on Sunday, August 25 from noon - 10pm.

Forget the germ-infested bouncy house, this Block Party, co-hosted by Carriage House and UN86’D. has booze, games, killer food and a Dunk Tank! There is a $35.00 entry fee, which buys you four tickets to spend as your heart desires (and we know your heart desires food + drink from Bangers & Lace and Carriage House).

Proceeds to benefit UN86’D, a charity created to aid in monetary relief for restaurant professionals in need, including educating workers on how to utilize public and private health care for their own benefit. UN86’D strives to support an industry that is often overlooked.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Ria's SOB Story

You’ve already met Ria, but have you really spent enough quality time together? Luckily for all of us, she sat down (at a computer and emailed) with Solemn Oath Brewery. She’s featured as the current SOB Story (get it?) on their blog, so we thought we’d share the love and give the interview a little face time on our blog.

Here’s just one sneak peak into what makes her beer-brain tick, as she relays which factors make a beer worth purchasing: 
An honestly-made beer dedicated to the artistry of the craft. A beer that pays homage to tradition–the classic and historical. It has to feed the senses, good or bad, as long as it stirs up conversation. Or what could be simply a nice, refreshing, flavorful beverage after a long day’s work. These all factor into what makes the list.
Not enough insight? It’s beer poetry and you want more? Here’s the full interview.