Monday, November 4, 2013

Vote for George! On Tuesday, November 5th!

It’s almost Election Day! And yes, you’re still on the Bangers & Lace blog. We know that if you wanted politics, you’d definitely spend your time on a very different website, because as far as we’re concerned, bipartisan means you’re into beer and whisky. We don’t usually make a point of taking a stance on government, but we always make a point of using any excuse to throw a party.

So we’re putting forward our own candidate for you to party with on Election Day: George Dickel. You can’t technically vote for him, unfortunately, because George Dickel isn’t exactly alive. The real George Dickel died in 1894, but not before he put his stamp on a little distillery in Cascade Hollow, Tennessee, which now produces his namesake whisky.

Absolutely unique to the Dickel distillery is the fact that they are the only distillery in the country to have its own working US Post Office branch on-site. If only we could mail ourselves home after a day spent tasting.

Notice the traditional Scottish ‘whisky’ spelling, as opposed to the American ‘whiskey’ option? That’s typical of Scotch whiskies, which Dickel always proclaimed his product was on par with.

You’ll have to come in and see if Dickel was right on Election Day (that’s Tuesday, November 5th), as we serve up $5 George Dickel #12 Tennessee Whisky pours — including rocks and highballs — and $7 George Dickel #12 Manhattans.

You’re in Chicago, so we say ‘vote drink early and often!’

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