Sunday, December 29, 2013

Even More Holiday Hours

Bangers & Lace is doing business as usual for New Year’s Eve. This means we’re serving our regular awesome menu and regular stellar beer and spirits offerings, all during the regular hours of 2pm-2am. Call it low-key, call it last minute, just call us — wait, don’t call us, because that’s the point: you just show up and have a great time, just like any other night. No reservations, no tickets and no hassle.

We haven’t forgotten that Tuesday is, in fact, a holiday, so we’ll be doing a New Year’s Eve High Life (the Champagne of Beers, wise guys) toast at midnight. And the lucky sons of guns that pay their tabs get a special party favor: an official ticket (pictured above) for a free Bloody Mary at our New Year’s Day brunch service.

Which leads us to our next piece of exciting New Year’s News: We’re open for brunch on New Year’s Day! Meet us at 11am when our brunch and regular menus will be available to cure the first hangovers of 2014.

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