Monday, April 8, 2013

Cerveja Colorado Launch Event!

Did you know that the world’s 2nd largest Oktoberfest is celebrated in Blumenau? (Also, did you know that Blumenau is a city located in southern Brazil?) Well, now that you do, we’d say it stands to reason that Brazil is hot to trot for craft beers. So much so, that they’ve got a killer craft brewery we’ve been dying to showcase. 

All our wishes came true when we finally joined forces with Cervejaria Colorado Brewery. Though they were founded in 1995, they’re just breaking into our fair city’s market with some killer brews we can’t wait for you to try out:
  • Bertho - Brown Ale brewed with Brazilian Nuts
  • Vixnu - Double IPA brewed with light Brazilian Rapadura Sugar
  • Guanabara - Imperial Stout brewed with dark Brazilian Rapadura Sugar
So stop by on Wednesday, April 10, at 7pm, as we celebrate the Chicago launch of Brazil's Cervejaria Colorado Brewery with three featured beers. Brewer Marcelo Carneiro Da Rocha will even be on site to answer your most burning beer questions and clink a celebratory glass with you!

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