Monday, April 1, 2013

Hey, Theo!

Imaginary drumroll

Theo K. is your friendly neighborhood barback, assisting the Bangers & Lace crew for the past few months. He’s the newest kid on the block, so we'll be gentle with this get-to-know-you, okay?

You might recognize Theo from some of your other favorite neighborhood haunts (perhaps you have a hazy memory of him delivering a pitcher of margaritas to your table at Big Star), but he’s more than just a vision in double-vision, he’s also been a fixture on the Chicago music scene since 1999.

In fact, Theo was lured to the service industry by the flexible hours (you know, so he could play cool shows with his band Joan of Arc), but it’s an industry he’s happy to stay in. And it’s an industry he’s obviously good at, too. Heck, he worked at Lula Cafe in the early days and was part of the team that grew ‘er into the Logan Square staple she is today.

At Bangers & Lace, Theo will advise you to order a Chili Cheese Dog with Fried Cheese Curds, because it manages to be both totally decadent and supremely comfortingbut his recommendations might change the longer he sticks around.

If it’s cocktails he’s after, you’ll usually find Theo drinking a Four Roses Old Fashioned, but when he’s in the mood for suds, he’ll be eyeing Kris’s recommendations for Porters and Stouts on line #17 of our big beer menu.

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