Monday, June 10, 2013

‘Hot Sünner Nights’ at Bangers & Lace

Starting now, every Thursday at Bangers & Lace will be a ‘Hot Sünner Night!’ The historic beer of Cologne, Germany, Sünner Kolsch is traditionally served in a bottomless glass—that is, as the customer drinks his or her beer down, servers bring a fresh one to replace it without being asked. This continues until the happy beer drinker puts a coaster over their glass to signal the server they can cool it with the refills. 

As each beer is served, a mark is made on the coaster, which is then used to calculate your bill. On every Hot Sünner Night, Bangers & Lace servers will make their rounds equipped with authentic Kölsch Kranz serving trays filled with the traditional 200ml serving glasses (called Kölsch Stange), all to replicate the Cologne experience right here in Chicago.

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