Monday, June 3, 2013

Saison Season!

When you really think about it, Chicagoans have a lot in common with the seasonal Belgian farmworkers of yesteryear. Okay, maybe not that much other than this one integral thing: We want a light, refreshing beer that we can drink in large quantities. So we both (the seasonal Belgian farmworkers of yesteryear and today’s Chicagoans, that is) go to the Saison. Brewed during the winter and used to hydrate farmworkers during the busy summer months, it’s typically a bit lighter (5-8% abv), complexly flavored (hops, malts, fruits and spice!) and just a bit earthy.

It was necessary for the farmworkers because of the lack of potable water, and what better way to quench your thirst than with an alcoholic beverage guaranteed to refresh, but not incapacitate? Sure, we now have access to safe drinking water, but we’re also currently thawing out after a Chicago winter and looking to leave heavy stouts and potent whiskies behind. On second thought, maybe we do have a lot in common with the seasonal Belgian farmerworkers of yesteryear? 

We're going to make it easy for you to taste your way through some of our favorite Saison examples by pairing one of them perfectly every week with a dish from Chef Adam Wendt. Check in every Tuesday in June as we announce that day’s pairing, then come on in, eschew the water glass, and dive into an effervescent Saison.

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