Monday, July 1, 2013

Picture Perfect Patio

As Chicagoans, we know there’s something incredibly satisfying about hunkering down at a dimly lit bar (maybe with deer heads or antlers hanging on the walls) with a thick stout or a boozy brown n’ stirred cocktail and riding out our very, very long winters.
But let’s be honest, it gets a little old, and when warmer temperatures hit and the sun is shining, we’re just as excited as you are to open all our doors and let the outside in. Scoring a seat on the patio is even better, and we like to help out there whenever possible. That’s why we extended our patio by a few seats this year and added large format cocktails (perfect for sharing on the patio) to sweeten the deal.

We tried real hard to make our patio as inviting as possible, and we’re super happy many of you think it’s picture-perfect, too! So here’s a roundup of some our favorite Instagrams that you’ve taken at Bangers & Lace. It’s kind of like seeing your name in lights?

@buttpartyerica, @mfabing88, @jnflynn525
@satanbby4l, @thisismeashton, @bigdealbog
@acaldwell09, @fkatrina, @cderusha

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