Monday, May 27, 2013

Summertime Punch

You’re still slightly hungover from Chicago Craft Beer Week, we get it. But there’s something to be said for a little ‘hair of the dog.’ And our new summertime punch offerings are total knock-outs.

Ready for the scoop on the secret history of punches? This style of cocktail originated in India and spread to the rest of the world via a little thing called Imperialism. Punch comes from the hindi word ‘panch’ or five, because of the five ingredients that make up a true punch: alcohol, sugar, lemon, water, and tea or spices. Once the English got into punches, they fairly quickly became a worldwide phenomenon.

We’ve mixed up two punch-style cocktails, in the traditional five-ingredient style, served conveniently in pitchers that serve 6-8 (or 4 really thirsty folks). Got a large group and a powerful thirst? This is your summer cocktail.

Great Lakes Tea Punch 
(W.L. Weller bourbon, apricot black tea, honey, lemon, angostura bitters)

The Big Pink 
(Death's Door vodka, house-made cranberry cordial, lemon, sugar, orange bitters)

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