Thursday, June 12, 2014

Chef Adam Wendt on 'Chowmasters'

We’re constantly saying ‘wow’ after bites of Chef Adam Wendt’s menu items. Really, he’s asked us to stop. So we can’t help but share this throwback video to the time Adam appeared on the Travel Channel’s “Chowmasters” show and put all the other Chicago dogs to shame with his Venison Sausage dog.
Some choice quotes: 

“Is that a ‘wow’ I’m hearing in there.” “The venison sausage is amazing. Great texture, a little bit of light smokiness, gaminess, the fruit ... a little chutney is just happening for me. It definitely took me there.” “It’s heat and sweet and I love that, man.” “An elevated comfort food I found to be delicious”

Want to try this at home? Go right ahead. Want to skip the work and the dishes? We serve the Venison Sausage dog each and every day here at Bangers & Lace.

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