Friday, June 6, 2014

Summer Drinking: Cocktails, Anyone?

You’re probably sick of your wintertime cocktail at this point, and sunny days have you searching for a new favorite. We got you. Our Summer Cocktail menu is ready for you to take it for a spin. So if you didn’t have any plans for the weekend, now you do:

Turkish Prison - Death’s Door Vodka, curry spice, pineapple, lime
Fishin’ With Deaner - Leblon Cachaca, Giffard Pamplemousse, lime, grapefruit
Who You Calling Hipster - Rittenhouse Rye, Malort, Averna, lemon bitters
The Montiel Guey - Herradurra Anejo Tequila + Sangrita
Creepy Uncle Nate - Letherbee Gin, strawberry-sage compote, lemon
Barrel Aged Louisville - J.W. Dant Bonded Bourbon, Lillet Rouge, Lillet Blanc

*All cocktails have been patio-tested, and patio-approved.

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