Monday, March 18, 2013

Decoding the Chalk Board.

You know you can always ask the know-it-alls at Bangers & Lace for recommendations on which killer beer you’ve just got to try. But maybe you’re not in the mood to talk to us, possible reasons being:

  • You’re feeling shy.
  • You’ve just visited the dentist and the left side of your face won’t move.
  • You’re impressing your date, so all of a sudden you know everything about beer and you certainly wouldn’t ask someone for a recommendation.
  • You’ve taken a vow of silence not to be broken until you’ve fully trained your cat to use the toilet (and flush).

It’s cool. We get it and, honestly, we just want to help. Today, we’ll decode five lines of our iconic and ever-changing draft chalkboard so you can look like the know-it-all.

#2. Always a pilsner. Looking for something akin to a Budweiser for your Pops? Here you go. Pilsners are smooth and subtle lagers that originated in the town of PILSEN (double impressive bonus points if you’re on that date scenerio) in the Czech Republic.

The Six Pack (bottom 6 lines) Here’s a cool fact about the bottom six lines on our board - they each ‘belong’ to a member of our staff.

#14. Ronnie Higgins, our resident cocktail impresario, is also big into beer. He’s the one that  supplies the funkier beers with minimal hops that often fill this line. Looking for something outside the box or do you just want Ronnie to think you’re cool? Look to #14.  

#17. Kris vonDopek’s got this one covered. As you may have noticed in our recent staff feature post, Kris is into stouts, porters and lambics. Do you often find yourself wanting something dark and mysterious (okay, and sometimes a little sour)? Then this line’s for you.

#18. Eric’s line is famously hoppy. Like IPAs? You’ll love what this guy throws on the board. However, he’s recently confessed a newfound appreciation and interest in traditional European brewing styles. So will this line surprise you? Probably. Will Eric being wearing shorts on any given day? Absolutely.

#19. Jonny C. graciously makes your beloved bloody mary’s each weekend behind the brunch stick, but his selection is available seven days a week! Order up a #19 if you’re into sours, double IPAs and beers with a touch of citrus.

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