Monday, March 11, 2013

Where in the world is Kris's accent from?

Today, we’ll answer your most burning question: Where in the world is Kris’s accent from? Chicago, obviously. And London. And Berlin. It’s all starting to make sense...

Kris has pretty much split his lifetime between Chicago, London and Berlin. He’s on a fairly good Chicago streak right now, though, and we’re having fun keeping him busy behind the bar at Bangers & Lacethe very same spot you’ve probably seen him over the past two and half years. Some might say he’s somewhat of a fixture here.

Having worked in the European service industry, Kris is likely to encourage his favorite aspect of the European lifestylethe slower paced indulgence that surrounds food, and the permission they allow themselves to indulge on the regular. In other words, if you need some help choosing a sessionable drink, Kris is your man.

Kris’s beer obsession reached fever pitch during a year spent at Bucktown’s Duchamp (RIP, Duchamp). His taste matured and he now favors stouts, porters and lambics, so if those are in your flavor realm, make sure to keep an eye on line #17 on the Bangers & Lace chalkboard beer menu. That’s where his ‘employee pick’ will always appear.

Want to eat and drink exactly like Kris? Here’s a few tips:

  • When dining at Bangers & Lace, order the Sheboygan sandwich (Sheboygan veal brat, melted gouda, sauerkraut, black currants, house-made beer mustard, split flat bun; $8).
  • Relax at the bar with a How The Midwest Was Won (Very Old Barton, apple spice liquor, maple syrup, lemon, angostura bitters; $10).
  • Or order an Old Fashioned and call Very Old Barton as your whiskey.

Not enough insider info on Kris? Come see him at the bar so he can offer even more dining insight in his charming Chicalonderlin accent.

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