Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall Drinking Primer

Transitioning into autumnal weather means different things to different people. While you’re picking out your fantasy football team or searching out a perfect boot, we’re fall-ing up our booze and beer offerings.

You already know that our motto is, “Live every week like it’s Craft Beer Week,” but did you know a close runner up was, “Live every week like it’s Oktoberfest?” You’ll absolutely find some stellar Oktoberfests on our fall beer list, partly due to the season, but also because they’re a favorite of Ria’s, who sometimes waxes poetic about this particular brew style:

Aristotle once said, ‘Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.’ Oktoberfests and Marzens are beers made in the Spring that undergo patient cold-lagering for months -- a perfect transition from the crisp, golden lagers of Summer to the toasty, coppery hues of Autumn.

Fall drinking doesn’t mean you simply reach for a darker hued brew, we also take advantage of our Midwestern location by incorporating some amazing ciders, produced within a close radius, into our tap rotation. Instead of hauling your pals out to Michigan for a day spent apple picking, we suggest you make the short trip to Bangers & Lace to reap the rewards of other apple pickers. Because why do any of the work when you can have all the fun instead?

We’re pretty stoked on two local craft cider producers in particular right now: Prima Cider, located in Northwest Illinois and Vander Mill Ciders in Western Michigan. They’ve spent a few days on the board, so come in and sample these ciders before they’re gone!

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