Monday, September 9, 2013

10,000 Bloody Marys and Counting: Jonny C.

Meet Jonny C., our faithful brunch-time bartender. Maybe you tied one on the night before? This is the guy who saves your weekend by serving up that medicinal Bloody Mary.  And you’re not alone, he reckons he’s served at least 10,000 over the course of his tenure with Bangers & Lace!

Jonny’s our weekend warrior, but you can catch him during the week at our nation’s favorite organic food retailer. If you’ve found this blog post by way of your Kingsbury Whole Foods google alert, Jonny just confirmed to us that yes, there will be a fancy cocktail spot joining the existing beer and wine bars you love so much. Featuring 22 taps (10 devoted to beer, six to wine and six to pre-batched cocktails), Jonny will be one of fine folks pouring them for you. 

And on that same cocktail tip, we left our fall cocktail menu in the hands of the very capable Nick O. (our trusty GM) and Jonny’s “very stoked to see what ideas he has created in his twisted mind.” He played it close to the vest and refused to name a favorite before it’s made public, so you’ll have to stop in and ask for recommendations after the menu debuts on September 22nd. He’s a whiskey drinker, usually ordering a Manhattan or Old Fashioned when he’s out, so it’s our best guess that Jonny will favor a very autumnal brown and stirred. 

Beer-wise, he’s more than likely to suggest a sour or an IPA. On the chance you stop in during the week, just look to line #19 on the chalkboard to find out which brew he’s hyping during your visit. Of course, it’ll probably pair well with his favorite menu item: the Slawdog.

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