Thursday, September 5, 2013

End of Summer Checklist

Labor Day officially marks the end of Summer, right? If you said ‘yes,’ you’d be wrong. Because we’ve got nearly 90 degree days in the forecast this weekend, plus a big dose of sunshine, and that means we’ve got at least one more shot at completing our Summer Checklist.

We bet you made it to the beach a few times and at least one street festival (we hope it was our Block Party). Great job! Go ahead and cross those off your list. And you were never actually going to go to the Bristol Rennaissance Faire, even though you put that on your list every year. So, yep, now’s the time to cross that one off, too.

But here are a few things you can accomplish this weekend to make your Summer complete:

So you didn’t make it to Europe over the past few months. Neither did we (well, except for Auggie). But you can still spend tonight drinking unending 7oz. pours of this classic summer brew.

2. Order an enormous pitcher of delicious booze for you and a few friends.

Your buds and their taste buds will thank you.

3. Bloodies and Micheladas on the patio.

Because here at Bangers & Lace, a balanced meal is one that includes a pint glass.

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